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  1. First of all, English is not my native language because I'm from Hungary. This is a really funny attitude. You know, what? Come and visit some hungarian forum and ask your question in english / german / russian / whatever. Anyone who can speak that language, will answer your question without any problem. Sorry for disturbing your "russian only" life.
  2. Thank you, I'll try it tomorrow. I checked earlier, changing the service period was successful, the new oil change period is 15k km or 12 months. I saved it and it works, it looks like. The speedometer's ECU showed up again and I can open it, so now I have 6 ECUs. But as I remember, there are 8 ECUs, so the ECU of the injection and another one is missing. I installed a previous version of Pyren and I'll check it tomorrow, how it works.
  3. Hi guys, can you please help me? I have a Scenic II 1.6 16V (2003/11) and I have the latest PyRen installed on my notebook. I tried to change the oil change period (km and months as well) and it doesn't changed. But the problem is after that some ECUs disappeared from the list and I cannot connect to the speedometer's ECU, to change the language or perform some tests, or whatever. How can I get it back? I only see 4 ECUs: UCH, Air Conditioning, Parking brake and UPC. No Injection and no others. How can I get back the others? Or is there any way to rescan the ECUs? Thank you in advance.
  4. Oops, it was my fault. When I get the "There are scenarium. I do not support them!!!" message, there is nothing to do, the dec commant doesn't work. But when I get the "There are parameters...", the dec command works, at least in the demo mode. I will try it on my car tomorrow. Thank you!
  5. I have a Laguna 2 2001 1.8 and replaced the original odometer with a newer one (from Laguna 2 ph2) with a digital screen in the middle. It shows 199k kms. When I try to update the odometer to my value (246k), I get an error message: "There are parameters. I do not support them!!!" I get the same message when I try to override the oil change frequency to a lower value. How can I enable these functions? Thank you in advance.
  6. Guys, I have succesfully installed the PyRen and Python27 as well to my notebook. There is a scripts folder which has to contain pyrenXX folder's files but I have three folders with a similar name, what is the difference between them? There is a pyren9j, pyren09h and a pyren9k. Which one's content do I need if I have a Renault Laguna 2001 1.8 16V
  7. I meant all the files, I was looking for an explanation how to install the apps. Thank you for your help.
  8. Hi guys, Could you please describe in a nutshell what do I have to do with the files in the google drive? I found things for Windows and Android as well. How can I install it on both platforms? I would like to translate it to Hungarian or English. Thank you in advance.